Recycling plastic is easy.

We Craft Waste a New Cradle.

Precious or a Problem?

The massive global plastic pollution
0 %
gets recycled
0 %
is incinerated
0 %
piles up in landfills
& natural environment



Industrial recycling exists, but the equipment is very expensive and the knowledge inaccessible for most people.

And even though plastic is such a big topic, the industry keeps on producing plastic as single-use and disposable. So we have to empower the people to make change.


 A network of people who work together to tackle plastic pollution on a daily basis.


A cradle to cradle economy


Local recycling, global network

Open Source

Anyone can join and improve

It's called the Precious Plastic Universe

Precious Plastic is creating solutions that empower everyone worldwide to build up strong local networks of people who tackle plastic pollution by

  1. turning plastic waste into valuable products and
  2. inspiring more people to take action.

That's where we come in!

We are Cumberland County, PA’s newest recycling business.

Based upon Precious Plastic’s open source framework, we

perform all steps of the recycling process

with more kinds of plastic

to form

open source products & education.

Recycling Bin

1. Collect

Recycling Bin

Gather cleaned, de-labeled plastic waste.

Plastics we can process

2. Sort

Plastics we can process

Store plastic by type to avoid mixing.

Shredder Concept

3. Shred

Shredder Concept

Cut plastic into small flakes with the shredder machine.

Injection Concept

4. Inject

Injection Concept

Melt plastic flakes and fill a mold with the injection machine.

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