About Us


Where it all started

After depositing my waste plastic in the recycling bin one day in the fall of 2017, I searched the web for how to make my own at-home recycling system. I wanted to view “waste” plastic like I had come to view rusty iron (being a fledgling blacksmith): more than some cheap, abundant resource; more than something useless to me at an individual level. How funny it was when one of the first search results yielded an open-source initiative to solve worldwide plastic pollution from the home front. This initiative, called Precious Plastic, hosts universal designs for anyone to create their own little recycling business. So that’s exactly what I did.

– Sawyer

Our Company

Our mission is to steward waste as nutrients in cradle-to-cradle life cycles to craft open source products and education.

Our vision is that people steward God’s tangible resources and intangible truth after the model of Eden as a viable, credible, and sustainable alternative to other worldviews about resources and the respective cultures that form around them.

Our ministry is to fulfill our mission as a platform for coordinating God’s truth to satisfy our neighbors’ intangible needs.

Herein lies our motivation. How can we further God’s kingdom if we do not love our neighbors? (Matthew 22:39). And how can we love our neighbors if we do not sacrificially provide for their needs? (agapé). And how can we provide for their needs if we do not coordinate the resources available to us in such ways that ensure their availability now and in the future? And how can we coordinate the resources given us if we do not think about our behavior with respect to them?

As such, we find that furthering God’s kingdom is directly related to how we manage His Creation. We also find that faithful stewardship of natural resources gives us a platform to talk about our motivation for our work: Jesus Christ. In this way we hope our faith and our works operate hand-in-hand (James 2:14-26).

Our Team

While we might be crazy for starting a business, we’re even more nuts about recycling. CradleCraft is a natural extension of our individual efforts to steward our waste well.



Chief Steward

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