Precious Plastic Map

Of Patches & Shreddings

For the better part of a year, we have been planning CradleCraft.

Now we have begun to bring it to fruition.

When Dave Hakkens and his crew at Precious Plastic Official in Eindhoven, Netherlands had to pick up shop due to the coronavirus and other reasons, they had to sell their inventory. And now a small part of their experience has become a part of our own.

We purchased a collection of plastic items crafted with an injection machine from the Precious Plastic Bazar. Although it took over three months to travel across the Atlantic, our package finally arrived.

Injection Machine Product Examples

The plant pots and the coasters are wonderful examples of what we intend to include in our product line. While almost all of these products have bursts of varying color, more evenly blended colors could be achieved by extruding slugs of plastic with the extrusion machine prior to injecting the plastic into a mold. The folks at QiTech shared this method on the How-To page of Precious Plastic’s community platform.

Shreddings from Bazar

We also purchased a few pounds of plastic shreddings prepared by Far Out Finds in New York.

Labelling Stamps and Patch

And with these labeling stamps, we can now properly mark our products so they can be recycled at the end of their life cycles!

But wait, what does the patch mean?

We have officially joined the Precious Plastic Universe!

We now have a pin on the Precious Plastic Map among other workspaces around the world.




Sawyer is a maker of things plastic, iron, and digital 3D. After years of discussing sustainable and environmental topics with his family, he founded CradleCraft as a way to creatively steward the plastic resources God entrusts to him.


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