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Resiliency & COVID-19

Sorting out confusion about plastic waste.

Social Distancing

After listening to a podcast on how every organization is now like a startup due to the prolonged nature and economic effects of COVID-19, I wanted to consider how our venture may have to adapt to a “winter” of social distancing.  

While we may manage to sell products solely through eCommerce on our website and the Precious Plastic Bazar, it will be more difficult to meet our sales goals than it would be if we could keep a sales channel through partnerships with local craft and country stores in Cumberland County. These locations were not considered by the state as “essential” and had been closed until the county’s recent transition into the yellow phase.

Essential Infrastructure

Furthermore, our planned service of hosting educational workshops for folks, teachers, and students on site may have to leave the scope of our viable products for the time being because of social distancing. We could host these workshops virtually, however, for I know of a state parks educator who has successfully taught a number of programs about maple sugaring through video teleconferencing. I think he has actually found such programs to consistently be in demand from year-to-year. I have a feeling that teachers would really like this sort of offer because their field trips have likely been canceled for the next year, and they may be seeking alternative outlets for their students.

Another service we intend to offer is hauling plastic waste for key partners who opt into our program. CradleCraft’s activities of solid waste collection and “processing and reprocessing of solid waste” would fall under “Public Works and Infrastructure Support Services” and “Critical Manufacturing.”

I believe eCommerce is still permitted even in the red phase counties. In fact, this pandemic has been thought to have sparked a potentially permanent increase in eCommerce.

On another note, the Precious Plastic community has already begun to respond to the COVID-19 crisis by developing and releasing open-source injection mold designs for a hands-free door opener, a respirator mask, and face shields! If the current pandemic will have long-lasting effects on public health and safety protocols, we could substitute lower-demand items from our list of products with these and focus on making them until the pandemic subsides. Below are the very products for which designs have been released.

All in all, we could still operate our business even throughout this crisis with minor adjustments to our business model. I think folks’ “willingness to pay” during this recession would be more of a concern than our ability to deliver our products and services.

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Sawyer is a maker of things plastic, iron, and digital 3D. After years of discussing sustainable and environmental topics with his family, he founded CradleCraft as a way to creatively steward the plastic resources God entrusts to him.


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