Learn How to Craft Plastic


how it works

What You'll Learn

Waste Collection

Where does the trash go after the garbage haulers pick it up from your driveway? We’ll explore the details of our current recycling infrastructure.

Plastic Pile

Plastic Chemistry 101

Confused about recycling? Why do other waste haulers only accept some, but not all, plastics? Learn the basics of plastic chemistry.

The Shredding Process

How does plastic become usable again? Is returning it to a raw input difficult? Discover this critical stage of recycling with your own plastic waste!

Shredder Plastic

Injection Molding

What is plastic injection? How does it work on an industrial scale? Experience how to craft your own waste into carabiners with our injection machine!

Recycled Plastic Carabiner

Make (and keep) your own Carabiner!

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